Are Mosquitoes Able to Bite Through Your Clothes?

As you begin making plans for what you would like to accomplish out in your yard this year as the warmer seasons approach, one thing you are going to have to keep in mind is the possibility of mosquitoes being in your yard. This is simply a fact of life for most households when the spring and summer get here, because this is the best time of year for mosquitoes to thrive and survive.

One thing you should know how to properly do is dress to deal with mosquitoes, but what is the right thing to wear when you are worried about being bitten by mosquitoes? Can they even bite through your clothing?

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The best thing you can do to combat mosquito bites is to leave no exposed skin. Wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants when you need to do something outside can do a lot to discourage a good majority of mosquito bites.

However, that’s not to say that mosquitoes can’t bite through any clothing materials. Very thin clothing, such as spandex, yoga pants, skinny jeans, and the like can be trivial for a mosquito to bite through, while heavier clothing will be more difficult for a mosquito to bite into.

Wear loose-fitting, heavier items of clothing if you can when you need to be outside with the mosquitoes. While this might make things a bit hotter, it can work wonders in helping you keep the bites off of you.

If you really want to make sure the mosquitoes aren’t messing with you this year, one of the best options you have is to simply have your lawn treated for them. You can do this by getting in touch with mosquito treatment in Baltimore professionals, who can come out and treat your lawn for the bugs, keeping them at bay until the next time the warm weather comes back into town.