What Information Is Collected At The Pharmacy

In today’s world information is collected on a moment by moment basis.  This information is then stored in some type of computer or pharmacy software systems that can be reviewed, updated and maintained.  For many people this process is normal and unquestioned.  However, what information is actually stored and why?

pharmacy software systems

Vital data

The first is going to be your vital data.  This includes, name, address, phone number and date of birth.  Other information such as your insurance information and even payment history can be stored.  This is all private and personal information that you don’t want to get into the hands of wrong people.

Your prescription history

The next component that will be stored is your prescription history.  Every time you purchase a medication or have a medication filled at the pharmacy the information is logged and stored into the computers.  This information again can be accessed and referred to at any specific time.

Notes about your health

Finally, overall notes and information about your health is stored in the computer.  These notes can be from doctors, tech or whoever has access to your records.  This information can be very valuable as well as damaging if not well protected.

This is why these systems need to be protected and secured.  We need to make sure that if people get this information it isn’t used against us.  For an example, if information in one of these systems gets out and it is found that we have a preexisting condition this can be used to deny us health insurance or even life insurance. 

This is why most pharmacy software is secure and stored on private servers.  When you go to get your medication, they will ask you a series of questions that need to be answered in order to unlock your records.  Once done, you can proceed with the accessing of your medication.